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A Leader in Disinfection for Hospitality Businesses

Only SANISTAFF offers free Cleanscore testing and full service disinfection services that include expertly-trained staff, EPA-approved, Certified organic products, and the most scientifically advanced application processes and equipment.

FREE CLEANSCORE: ATP Test & Report ($299 Value)

As a Cleanscore certified company, we conduct real-time ATP (adenosine triphosphate) testing of your business environment to provide your confidential Cleanscore.

DISINFECTION: Deep Cleaning For Your Business

We deliver a full-service disinfection solution and provide all the equipment, products, and certified staff to disinfect your space. 

SAFER: 100% Certified Organic Products All EPA-Approved

Our disinfection and deep clean service utilizes non-toxic, certified organic disinfectants are EPA-approved to kill COVID-19 in 1-2 minutes.

FASTER: New Age Equipment like Electrostatic Sprayers

We’ll deep clean your space using the most effective and efficient disinfection equipment, including electrostatic sprayers that cover surfaces 3x better and 50%+ faster.

SUPPLIER: We Sell The Industry's Best Products & Equipment

We source the best available products (in-stock; not on back-order) and equipment at highly competitive rates. Contact for pricing.

OPTIMIZE ROI: Reimbursements On Your Investments

We help you obtain reimbursement for the investments you’re making to to ensure a safe environment for your staff and patrons.

9 reasons to choose SANISTAFF

#1. Stay safe without compromise

A SANISTAFF deep clean means the safest environment possible for your staff and patrons.

#2. Certified organic disinfectants

Our cleaning agents are completely non-toxic and EPA-registered to kill COVID-19.

#3. Full-service solutions

Our one-stop offering: cleaning agents, tested application methods, and expert staff. 

#4. Don’t just re-open, STAY open

Deep cleaning is now a vital investment in the health of your business. 

#5. Fast, easy process

Generate an instant online quote and we’ll reach out to schedule your first cleaning. 

#6. ROI

We’ll help you obtain reimbursement for your deep cleaning investments.

#7. Flexible options to fit your needs

We offer one-time services and daily, weekly, monthly, or custom disinfection schedules. 

#8. Serving hospitality for 15 years

We’re training, reskilling and creating new jobs for displaced workers. 

#9. Cleanscore certification

We now offer Cleanscore! The data-driven scoring system that helps you validate disinfection and mitigate risk.

Disinfection is the new normal

In a post COVID-19 world, traditional cleaning services are no longer sufficient, as they only remove food and soil from surfaces. Disinfection is required to reduce the number of pathogens (such as COVID-19) on surfaces and in the air.

Best deal in town on people, products, processes & equipment

We offer a full service solution on-demand, including: expertly trained people, EPA-approved, non-toxic products now in inventory, and the most scientifically advanced application process and equipment proven to kill COVID-19.

Our mission is a safer world

For 15 years, we have proudly served the D.C. Metro hospitality community. Now, we have trained and reskilled a team of displaced workers to protect and serve local businesses. Our people are passionate about making sure the job gets done right, as they know firsthand the impact closed businesses have on families.

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