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Your Business Has A COVID-19 Case — What Now?

Your Business Has a COVID-19 Case — What Now?

What will you do if one of your employees comes down with COVID-19? Do you have a plan, or will you be caught scrambling to find your area’s infection guidelines? Every business should have a COVID-19 contingency plan so that they know what to do when a case hits.

As you create your COVID-19 Contingency plan, have these considerations in mind:

According to the CDC, if an employee catches COVID-19, you should send them home immediately. All areas of your facility that the employee has accessed should be closed off. Then, the contaminated area will need to be disinfected. The CDC recommends waiting 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting the area to reduce the chance that staff will pick up COVID-19 while cleaning. For a quicker disinfection and reopening, you can call in a disinfection service with proper PPE, like hazmat suits and goggles, to protect them from infection. Once your space has been disinfected, you can reopen! Be mindful when you let employees return to work. Potentially exposed employees should be instructed to stay home and self-quarantine for 14 days.

Sanistaff would love to be a part of your business’ plan to bounce back quickly after a COVID-19 case. Consider keeping our number on file! You can call us at 703-738-6469.

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