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#1. A data-driven platform to ensure you re-open and stay open

As a Cleanscore certified company, SANISTAFF provides access to a data-driven approach to measuring disinfection results. Through Cleanscore you can assess your cleaning standards and protocols, test virus and bacteria levels in your environment, calculate your Cleanscore, and create a customized disinfection plan with success metrics based on your results. And SANISTAFF can provide everything you need to achieve your goals and improve your Cleanscore – we’ll even work with you to secure reimbursement for associated expenses.

#2. Trusted People: Expertly-trained, certified staff to safeguard your business

Getting it right counts more now than ever. It’s not enough to use the best tools and products; businesses also need the know-how to apply them correctly to ensure full disinfection of both surfaces and air. 

Your SANISTAFF team has been trained and certified to ensure complete, correct, FDA-approved application of disinfectants to keep your business safe, your employees healthy, and your patrons protected. 

In addition to our full-service solutions, we can complement your existing commercial cleaning services provider, or help you to train your team to implement new deep cleaning practices.

#3. Quality Products: Non-toxic, certified organic products EPA approved to kill COVID-19

 In the first few months of the COVID crisis, calls to poison hotlines rose dramatically, as Americans saw greater exposure to harsh chemicals and disinfectants. 

Envirocleanse-A, our preferred cleaning agent, eliminates that risk.  Envirocleanse A is a non-toxic, certified organic, biodegradable and broad-spectrum disinfectant liquid that is safe on all hard surfaces and harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals. 

Envirocleanse-A is EPA-registered to kill bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. This means you don’t have to choose between keeping staff and patrons safe from the virus and keeping them safe from the risk of toxic chemicals. 

#4. Fast, simple, flexible: a custom approach  that meets your needs

While you’re sleeping, we’re disinfecting, delivering transformative results overnight. 

Start by getting an instant quote. Next, a SANISTAFF team member will help you book your first session. We’ll provide a deep sanitization of your space including before and after measurements and a validation seal that can be displayed to staff and patrons.  

We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly or custom subscription schedules to meet your unique needs. 

#5. Next generation approach: tools and techniques FDA-approved against COVID-19

Next-generation electrostatic sprayers and ULV foggers bring 360-degree, touchless disinfection and sanitizing capabilities to ensure a comprehensive, complete deep clean. 

Electrostatic systems dispenses positively charged chemical particles in a fine mist that acts like a magnet and wraps around surfaces, allowing cleaning agents to penetrate and disinfect areas that are not reached with normal cleaning methods.

Our tools reach up to 3 times more surfaces and attack microbes and decontaminate facilities more efficiently and effectively than ever before. 

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