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SANISTAFF is a trusted commercial disinfection and janitorial services provider for many leading retailers, restaurants, gyms, spas, private country clubs, hotels, schools, universities, medical facilities, and office buildings.  We go beyond business-as-usual and traditional protocols by delivering state-of-the-art solutions guaranteed to meet your ‘new normal’ expectations. Best of all, we prove it by offering a data-driven, science-backed ATP system testing and official Cleanscore ratings & certifications for social proof to all your stakeholders. 

Best-in-Class Approach: People + Processes + Products + Tools + Testing

Expert Disinfection Services

  • Certified, expert technicians trained in best practice safety
  • Add-on cleaners, housekeeping, or janitorial services
  • Before- and after-disinfection Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing
  • In-house Industrial Hygienist
  • Can complement your existing cleaning service
  • Augment and train your staff with our resources
  • 15 years’ experience in hospitality through Gravy Work
  • Creating reskilling and employment opportunities for displaced workers

Organic Disinfectant Products

  • Made up of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and water
  • Non-toxic, certified organic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, sustainable, out of the bottle
  • Available now – no backorders
  • Replaces chlorine disinfectants and other oxidizing disinfectants
  • EPA approved to kill COVID-19 (EPA reg #85134-1)
  • No dilution required unless using for produce
  • Non-toxic cleansers are safe around people, pets, food, and facilities

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers dispense positively charged chemical particles in a fine mist that acts like a magnet and wraps around surfaces, allowing cleaning agents to penetrate and disinfect areas that are not reached with normal cleaning methods.

  • FDA approved to kill COVID-19
  • 360-degree, touchless application
  • Reach up to 3X more surface area
  • Before and after measurements verify disinfection level

See How Leading Companies are Disinfecting Successfully

Many businesses are quickly learning how to create ‘safe haven’ environments to better protect their staff and patrons. Through constant scientific testing and learning what works (and what doesn’t), together we are creating a safer world. We have partnered with the nation’s best disinfection product and equipment companies and are staffing up and helping to reskill displaced hospitality workers in the Washington DC area to bring you the ‘best of’ what’s available now! Ready to go staff, equipment and products in-stock (no backorders).


Watch this video to see how Delta Airlines is protecting its staff and patrons.

  • The old rules of cleaning no longer apply – disinfection is the new norm
  • Traditional cleaning services only remove food and soil from surfaces
  • Chemical disinfectants pose health risks, especially when used on or near food
  • Non-toxic products now exist proven to kill COVID-19 Coronavirus
  • Companies like Delta Airlines are using non-toxic disinfection solutions

A Cleanscore certified company, SANISTAFF helps you remove the guesswork when it comes to verifying disinfection and mitigating risk. We help measure gaps, flag risks, and prioritize quick changes that can increase the operational safety of your business. We can assess your cleaning standards and protocols, test high-touch areas of concern in your environment, and deliver your Cleanscore. 

Then we’ll provide everything you need to achieve your goals and improve your Cleanscore rating. SANISTAFF experts will conduct your actual disinfection using non-toxic, certified organic cleaning agents and scientifically advanced, proven application methodologies and equipment like electrostatic sprayers. We’ll even work with you to secure reimbursement for associated expenses.

Cleanscore’s data-driven methodology, available through SANISTAFF, is a proprietary aggregate of factors including before and after Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing and RLU measurements, the latest OSHA recommendations, as well as guidance from the CDC, the EPA/FDA, and others. 


We assess your disinfection needs and ensure all surface areas are prepped and cleaned for maximum disinfection.  




We ensure all surface areas and locations are prepped for maximum disinfection, then use ULV fogging to disinfect all rooms and walls, and conduct electrostatic spraying of all surfaces and objects.


We manually disinfect all high-touch areas (light switches, door handles, etc.), then conduct a final wipe down of all surfaces. You can enter and use your space after 20 minutes drying time.


After final wipe down, we will conduct a post-disinfection test. Then we’ll provide you with your Cleanscore report, and help you implement your disinfection protocol, providing access to additional equipment, disinfectants, or certified staff needed to improve your results.

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