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Sani-Clause Is Coming To Town!

Sani-Clause is Coming to Town!

This year, Santa Clause is planning on visiting every home in the world, spreading germs from one house to the next! Fortunately, SANI-Clause is on his way to protect you from infection! He’s washing his hands, disinfecting them twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice – but don’t worry; he’ll disinfect your home even if you haven’t made the nice list!

How should you prepare for a visit from Sani-Clause? Follow these tips:

  • Instead of milk and cookies, leave out a few bottles of hand sanitizer. Sani-Clause loves the peppermint-scented ones!
  • Decorate a tree with masks! Sani-Clause will chuckle when he sees these delightfully health-conscious decorations.
  • Place a pair of clean, unused gloves by the fireplace. Sani-Clause likes to change his gloves between houses to prevent the spread of infection!

If Sani-Clause decides you’ve been clean this year, you might find an extra roll of toilet paper in your stocking!

Unfortunately, Sani-Clause can’t be around all year to disinfect our homes and businesses – soaring around the world is very exhausting! However, Sani-Clause has taught the trade of disinfection to his pals at Sanistaff, a disinfection service in the Metro-DC area! Give us a call if you need a disinfection, or if you’d like to set up regular disinfections to make your home or business safe and sanitized! You can ring us at 703-738-6469, or visit our website at

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