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Frequently Asked Questions


SANISTAFF is a leader in disinfection services for hospitality businesses in Washington D.C. Metro area, including private clubs, restaurants, and hotels committed to keeping their staff and patrons safe.

How much does the service cost?

Our pricing is based on the square footage of your facility. We offer one-time disinfection services as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or custom services at a discounted subscription rate. Get your instant quote now online to see your savings.

How long does disinfection take?

On average, a service takes between 3-4 hours. Job duration, pricing, and the number of SANISTAFF technicians required are based on the square footage of your facility. Our equipment and application are FDA-approved to kill COVID-19 and ensure a thorough disinfection process to keep you, your staff, and your guests safe.

What are your hours of operation?

We operate 24/7, and are available for overnight, weekend or any other off-hour time that works for your business.

What is your cleaning process?

We follow an 8-step disinfection process, which includes:

  • Measure facility to confirm square footage
  • Conduct protein level test to identify areas of critical need
  • Ensure all surface areas and locations are prepped for maximum disinfection
  • Use ULV foggers to disinfect all rooms. This includes all floors and walls up to 10ft
  • Use electrostatic sprayers to disinfect all surfaces and objects
  • Manually disinfect all high touch areas (light switches, door handles, etc.)
  • Conduct a final wipe down of all surface areas after disinfectant is applied
  • Conduct repeat protein level test to validate post-disinfection results
How long does it take to kill COVID-19?

Most bacteria and viruses require 2-10 minutes of “dwell time” for disinfectants to work. Our application methods include the highest level of recommended dwell time, and Envirocleanse-A, our preferred cleaning agent, is EPA approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus. View link.

When can I use my facility again?

Because we use only non-toxic, organic cleaning agents, there’s no significant downtime post cleaning. We recommend waiting 15-20 minutes to allow surfaces to dry before resuming regular operations.

How do I know if it worked?

We perform adenosine trisphospate (ATP) tests before deep cleaning to identify critical areas of need, as well as post-cleaning ATP tests to validate disinfection results.

How do I let guests know it worked?

We’ll provide you with a verification seal and signage that you can display to let all of your patrons and members know that you have completed a certified disinfection service to kill COVID-19.

Should I wipe food prep areas after?

No. Our cleaning agents are non-toxic, certified organic, and are safe not only near but on food and beverage. We recommend waiting 15-20 minutes after your service is complete to use any part of your facility, to provide maximum disinfection and allow all surfaces to dry.

Is your disinfectant organic?

Yes. Envirocleanse-A is organic and has certification from the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

Is it safe on surfaces?

The disinfectant has a bleaching effect on denim and towels, but generally does not bleach clothes or other fabrics. The product is safe for use on all hard surfaces, including wood and granite, but may have a discoloring effect on copper. If you have any valuable items that you’re worried about, be sure to properly store them away before the disinfection process or notify the technician onsite as they review the pre-disinfection checklist with you.

Does it eliminate odors?

Yes, Envirocleanse-A is fragrance free and will eliminate even the strongest odors and odor-causing bacteria.

Is it safe for people and pets?

Envirocleanse-A is non-toxic, certified organic and completely safe for use around humans and pets, in all environments. The product may cause irritation if directly sprayed into eyes.

Is it safe around food?

Yes. Our cleaning agents are non-toxic, certified organic, and are safe not only near but on food and beverage.

Does your team practice social distancing?

The safety of our staff and yours are our number one concern. SANISTAFF follows all CDC guidelines and practices social distancing. Our Technicians are required to wear all appropriate PPE when disinfecting your facilities.

How long does disinfection last?

Because bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 are carried on and by humans, your space is only considered fully disinfected until it is reentered by humans. We offer one-time disinfection services as well as daily, weekly, monthly, or custom services at a discounted subscription rate.

Does your disinfectant kill COVID-19?

Yes. Envirocleanse-A, our preferred cleaning agent, is EPA-certified for use against COVID-19.  Visit for a full list of bacteria, viruses, and fungi the product is proven to kill.

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