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COVID-19 Trivia

COVID-19 Trivia

Want to test your knowledge of the CDC’s guidelines for COVID-19 safety? Try a few rounds of Sanistaff’s COVID-19 Trivia!

Round 1: Masks

Question 1: How often should you clean a reusable mask?

Answer: Whenever it gets dirty, or at least daily.

Question 2: How should you store a dirty mask?

Answer: Store a dirty mask in a plastic bag and wash as soon as possible.

Question 3: Do you still need to social distance if you’re wearing a mask?

Answer: Yes! A mask is not a substitute for social distancing, and you should continue to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet apart from others.

Round 2: Hand Sanitizer

Question 1: Are all hand sanitizers equal?

Answer: No! The FDA recommends using hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol. In fact the FDA has a Do-Not-Use list of Hand Sanitizers that breach important health protocols.

Question 2: Can I use hand sanitizer to clean objects and surfaces?

Answer: The CDC does NOT recommend the use of hand sanitizer to clean or disinfect surfaces.

Question 3: Can I use hand sanitizer on my pet?

Answer: No! Animals may ingest cleaning products that end up on their skin or fur. If hand sanitizer gets on your pet, then rinse your pet immediately.

Round 3: Gloves

Question 1: Do I need to wear gloves while shopping?

Answer: No. For most errands, the CDC recommends regular hand-washing rather than wearing gloves. However, gloves are useful when cleaning or taking care of a sick family member!

Question 2: Do I need to wash my hands after wearing gloves?

Answer: Yes! Washing your hands will remove sweat buildup beneath the gloves and prevent contamination from touching the outside of the gloves while removing them.

Question 3: Can I disinfect and reuse disposable gloves?

Answer: No. Disposable gloves were not designed to be reused; throw them away after the first use.

Bonus Round

Question 1: How can I distance myself from a sick family member in my home?

Answer: Make sure that family member has a separate bedroom/bathroom to use to reduce the chance of healthy family members becoming infected.

Question 2: Do some surfaces need to be disinfected more often than others?

Answer: Yes. High-touch surfaces, like door handles and sink faucets, should be disinfected most frequently.

Question 3: How long should you take to wash your hands?

Answer: At least 20 seconds.

If you learned something new, share it with your friends and family!

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