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SANISTAFF, a Gravy Work company, is proud to continue the legacy of excellence in serving over 8,000 businesses successfully.

Wellness Facilities

When our members and staff show up, they just want to focus on fitness, fun, and self defense – they don’t want to worry about safety. It’s our job to provide the safest environment possible, and SANISTAFF helps us do that. We’ve got a lot of surfaces we need to both deep clean and protect, so we appreciate the fact that the disinfectant they use is non-toxic and non-corrosive. And it’s important to us to be able to tell our customers that we’re using safe, organic disinfectants that don’t pose health risks like many other chemicals.” 

Burak Temel, Owner, Urban Boxing DC

Restaurants & Retailers

“Our restaurant is a community hang-out bringing food, friends, and flavor together, and the safety of our community is priority #1. We can’t swap one risk for another – I need to keep my staff and guests safe from bacteria and viruses, but I can’t use toxic chemicals around the food and beverages we’re serving. SANISTAFF provided the best solution for us. They tested surfaces in our environment, applied non-toxic disinfectant, and delivered our Cleanscore report. They even offered our staff a few tips and techniques.Our Cleanscore was beyond valuable – we got data from ATP tests, insight on problem areas, and ideas that we can apply to better safeguard our community. We’re making critical decisions as we reopen, and the ability to base them on data brings major peace of mind.”

-Augusto Camp, General Manager, Inca Social Restaurant

Hotels & Residences

“Right now, I’m not comfortable relying on surface appearances or guesswork when it comes to keeping my club clean and my staff, members, and guests safe. Getting my Cleanscore meant I had access to clear data and easy-to-follow recommendations to ensure the cleanest, safest environment moving forward. [And] the SANISTAFF team provided tremendous peace of mind. They were conscientious, thorough, and precise. They shared the results of the pre- and post-disinfection ATP tests so we could see the difference the disinfectants made. As a bonus, the HOCL is non-toxic and organic, which means that less than 20 minutes after the service, we could safely and comfortably use food prep areas without any additional wipe downs.”

Jim Lemieux, Food & Beverage Manager, Hidden Creek Country Club

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