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3 Tips For Celebrating Holidays Safely During The Pandemic

3 Tips for Celebrating Holidays Safely During the Pandemic

This holiday season is already looking livelier than last. With about 60.5% of the U.S. population fully vaccinated, people are eager to make up for the festivities they missed last year and catch up with friends and family. Here are some tips for celebrating holidays safely during the pandemic:

holiday shopping

1. Shop Smart

Going out to buy gifts? Try to find low-traffic times to shop, so that you won’t get caught in any crowds. Even if you’re vaccinated, you should consider wearing a mask, since we have limited knowledge on how vaccine effectiveness changes over time.

clean & disinfect

2. Clean & Disinfect

If you’re hosting guests at your home or business, cleaning and disinfecting is an essential step of celebrating holidays safely during the pandemic. This will help prevent harmful germs from sticking around!

Consider hiring a disinfection service like Sanistaff to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces in your home or business.

mindfulness is key to celebrating holidays safely during the pandemic

3. Be Mindful of Others

If you know someone who says they aren’t ready to join large crowds yet, don’t push them. It’s important for people to feel safe and choose their comfort zones, even as the world reopens.

Celebrating Holidays Safely During the Pandemic is Easier with Sanistaff

We’d be happy to help you prepare your home or business for guests! Call us at 703-738-6469 to schedule a disinfection.


About Sanistaff

As a Cleanscore certified company, SANISTAFF provides access to a data-driven approach to measuring disinfection results. Through Cleanscore you can assess your cleaning standards and protocols, test virus and bacteria levels in your environment, calculate your Cleanscore, and create a customized disinfection plan with success metrics based on your results. And SANISTAFF can provide everything you need to achieve your goals and improve your Cleanscore – we’ll even work with you to secure reimbursement for associated expenses.

Your SANISTAFF team has been trained and certified to ensure complete, correct, FDA-approved application of disinfectants to keep your business safe, your employees healthy, and your patrons protected.

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